Keep looking forward and continue to innovate

The company has grown from a sole proprietorship in1960 to an innovative organisation with qualified and motivated professionals working as one solid and dynamic team. Phoenix 3D Metaal has over 50 years of experience, fabricating fine metal work that has been of value to various branches of industry. The rubber pad pressing technology originates from aeronautics. By actively cooperating with TNO  (the Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Phoenix 3D Metaal developed its unique capabilities in the field of sheet metal forming with this technology and made it applicable to the overall industrial supply.
Our team consists of 40 enthusiastic professionals. Our quality of service is of high priority and our team is fully committed in carrying out your project. Our craftsmen work with conventional and modern techniques, perceiving  challenges as joy for the work.

"Everything should be made
as simple as possible, but not simpler"

Albert Einstein



In collaboration with our customers, we create smart and cost efficient product designs which we manufacture with our unique sheet metal forming technique for small series.


Phoenix 3D Metaal is the preferred partner when it comes to innovative and cost efficient design and production of double curved sheet metal. By offering a dynamic work environment to our employees and through close collaboration with our customers, we are able to translate our exceptional technology and knowledge into specific customer needs and an optimal product.