Partner from design up to and including production, that is our strength!

The rubber pad press technology -our expertise- is the main aspect of the manufacturing process.

Phoenix 3D Metaal is able to handle sheet metal up to 2200 x 1100mm. 3D laser cutting is an important supplement to the 3D forming process. Also conventional metalworking techniques are used.
The FARO Laser Scan Arm enables us to provide our customers with accurate measurement reports and to apply ‘reverse engineering’. Additional services such as coating and polishing can be outsourced to our trusted partners.
We offer a complete package, your concern is our concern!


Smart engineering & double curved sheet metal

Phoenix 3D Metaal is specialised in engineering and manufacturing of 3D sheet metal parts and assemblies in small series. Product ideas and designs are devised in collaboration with the customer, products are subsequently produced with the rubber pad foming technology.
Phoenix 3D Metaal assists her customers in lightweight engineering, integration of functionalities and design. Our professionals advise on aspects such as reduction of material consumption (while maintaining product strength), reduction of installation depth, hygienic design and improvement of product functionality.

'State of the art' software such as SolidWorks and AutoForm are used in the early stages of development. Furthermore, Phoenix 3D Metaal is able to translate existing product designs and drawings through CAD/CAM software, making them suitable for production.

The rubber pad press technology enables for efficiency in time and costs. We are happy to review the technical aspects of your product ideas and the possibilities of producing through rubber pad forming.