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Extremely suitable for small and medium series due to low tooling costs [5-10% of deep drawing tools]

Single Tool, time to market is short


  • Often possible to replace conventional techniques such as bending, welding and finishing by rubber pad forming
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership due to e.g. improved cleanability [round shapes]

Easy integration of functional properties such as stiffness, lightweight, cleanability, flow and design

Not bound to sheet thickness & no surface damage

High tech appearance which supports your high tech product

Optimal flow and cleanability through round shapes


Too expensive for every large numbers due to higher variable costs

Maximum sheet thickness approx. 3mm [depending on shape]


At Phoenix 3D Metal we excel in rubber pad forming. A technique that comes with added value and absolute surplus value. We would like to explain this added value. Below you will find an overview of all the advantages of our rubber pad forming technology and the extras we add to this. Convinced? Or not? Call or email us for an appointment. In a personal conversation you will discover our passion for this unique technique.

If you are looking for a cost effective and practical solution for your business, then rubberpad forming could be just what you need. At Phoenix 3D Metaal we invest time and money to bring our clients the most up to date and efficient options for their production requirements. This ensures a high level of customer confidence as well as superior quality output.

Rubberpadforming is ideal for small production runs, as the cost required to invest in equipment is initially quite small. It can handle rounded shapes with ease and take the place of multiple other processes, offering a faster turnaround time and output than conventional methods. It is an extremely flexible procedure and unlike other options, can handle metal of varying thickness, making it far more suitable for certain specific and custom projects.

The overall standard of a piece created by rubberpad forming is both high tech and high quality. As the process involves using rubber matting to absorb the force of the metal, it protects the final product, giving it a smooth, clean and untarnished finish. For such a modern and impressive result, the actual method itself is quite straightforward and doesn’t require huge setup costs or overly complex production equipment. It is a popular choice with many of our customers, although is not always the best option financially if the production run required is quite high.

If you think that rubberpadforming might be of interest to your company, please feel free to call our sales team for more details and information. We can answer any questions you may have and advise on whether the process is suitable for your project. With optimum flow and design advantages, rubberpad forming offers a more cost effective option that deep drawing and is the preferred choice of many of our happy customers.

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We may excel in rubber pad forming, but in order to serve you optimally, we have more to offer. We assume the skills of our people and the use of the most modern and advanced machines. We would like to show you what is possible within our company. Questions? Call or email us.