After the rough shape of the product is pressed on one of our presses, the products are reworked on one of our 3D Laser Cutting Machines. There, flange edges are cut off and holes/slots/recesses are made with great accuracy.

Phoenix 3D Metaal has two 3D Laser Cutting Machines from Prima Power: the Rapido Fibre 3kW. These machines are fast, highly accurate and boast extremely low energy consumption. Both 3D Laser Cutting Machines have a dual cab that allows for 4 different products to be processed at the same time and to be unloaded and loaded while another product is being cut. After the 3D Laser Cutting the products go to one of our other departments or are shipped to the customer or finisher.


2x 3kW 3D fiber laser

Our two 3D Laser Cutting Machines are equipped with a brilliant fibre laser that is highly energy-efficient, does not require maintenance & is Eco-compatible to use.

Double loading station

Our 3D Laser Cutting Machines are equipped with dual loading stations on which different products can be placed at the same time, allowing us to work with high efficiency.

Cutting range 3.500 x 1.000 mm

For up to 3,500 x 1,000, mm we can also finish large sheet metal with the 3D Laser Cutting Machines.

Beer tank lid & base

Duotank was looking for a supplier who could offer an alternative for the production of beer tanks in small series. The request involved the lid and the base. By placing multiple dimensions (600mm and 700mm diameter) in a single press, fewer tools are needed, and two products can be produced at the same time with one press step. Using 1 die, we can press all the required dimensions and versions. In addition, we can produce small series and different materials in the range required by the customer. And the icing on the cake: no drag marks (damage) because we use the rubber pad forming process.

The major advantage of Phoenix 3D Metaal is that they guarantee short lead times and also achieve them.

– Annabel Frerichs / Supply Chain Management / Duotank –