We have been a specialist in sheet metal since 1960 and since 1998 we have been turning sheet metal into 3D finished products with a high end appearance. So we are no newbies. But we are innovative. Always looking for smarter ways of working. This brought us to a technology whose principle stands out for its simplicity: rubber pad forming. The name says it all; we use a rubber cushion to form metal. A technique that we have perfected in recent years – as the only one in the Netherlands.


Perfecting technology has in recent years been accompanied by the expansion of the company, investment in and modernization of our machinery and strategic choices in relation to the course we want to sail. In addition, we are fully committed to a personal and project-based approach to every issue that comes to us. Our engineers accompany each project from initial consultation to the start of the ‘series’. An ISO certification and continuous quality control add extra strength to the level of the entire organization.


Since 2017, owners Jan-Willem van Hooft and Bernard van der Poel have formed Phoenix 3D Metaal management. With the employees of Phoenix, they strive for one goal: to introduce the world to the unprecedented possibilities that rubber pad forming offers.