Designer Cases

Stan Maes / Phoenix 3D Metaal

At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we provide an edge for our customers. We do this, of course, based on the rubber pressing technique. The technology is inextricably linked to ‘design’. Our customers therefore often have an in-house design department or cooperate with an external agency. Such is the case with SHERPA mini-loaders. For the design of the mini-loader, they chose Stan Maes Productdesign. Stan eventually brought SHERPA and Phoenix together and we were commissioned to produce an important semi-finished product for the new mini-loader. So we were directly involved in the product ‘from the very first sketch’. Nice! Because this way, our added value in the complete process is at its highest. Our engineers can also use their years of experience to work with the designer to achieve an optimal product design. In other words: a design that scores an A+ both technically and aesthetically. Product designer Stan Maes elaborates on this.