If your company is involved in the metal based industrial sector, then you will be familiar with the many processes used on the production line. Metals of all kinds are used on a daily basis to produce items for a multitude of businesses from large production outputs, to smaller more personalised runs. Fluidforming is an exciting new innovation that takes the advantages of more dated production methods, while increasing the efficiency and quality of the process. Fluid forming is similar to the hydro techniques currently used but instead of using an oil based fluid, it simply uses tap water. This has enormous environmental benefits as well as reducing prices and increasing quality.


Fluidforming uses a high pressure environment to mould and design metals. This results in a process that offers maximum strength and versatility without damaging the final product. The advantages of this system are many and the ability to form items that are both simple and complex in nature means it is an adaptable system that will suit many environments. At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we are used to dealing with all sorts of production demands on a regular basis and can discuss and advise you on the most beneficial system for your business. Our team of staff are experts in the field of metal processing and will be able to discuss the details of your project with you to find the perfect solution.

Fluid forming can be used for single designs and smaller production runs, while maintaining a very cost effective output. There are very few processes that lend themselves to such versatility and we are very excited by the technological innovations that allow us to offer this to our clients. With such a fast turnaround, we’re sure that you will be as impressed by this as we are.

“In the development process, I could fully focus on the design and Phoenix on the technical feasibility. The result is a product that really fulfils all wishes and requirements.”

– Stan Maes (Stan Maes Product Design) –