Extremely suitable for small series thanks to low investment in tools

Tooling costs are low, 5 to 10% of deep drawing toolings

Single tools, time to market is short

High-tech look for a high-tech product

Optimum flow through round shapes

Not bound to sheet thickness

No surface damage


If your company is involved in the metal based industrial sector, then you will be familiar with the many processes used on the production line. Metals of all kinds are used on a daily basis to produce items for a multitude of businesses from large production outputs, to smaller more personalised runs. Fluidforming is an exciting new innovation that takes the advantages of more dated production methods, while increasing the efficiency and quality of the process. Fluid forming is similar to the hydro techniques currently used but instead of using an oil based fluid, it simply uses tap water. This has enormous environmental benefits as well as reducing prices and increasing quality.

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We may excel in rubber pad forming, but in order to serve you optimally, we have more to offer. We assume the skills of our people and the use of the most modern and advanced machines. We would like to show you what is possible within our company. Questions? Call or email us.