Ambition. Everyone talks about it and many employers ask
to it At 3D Metal, ambition is often involved.
It makes sense, because we do, after all, give shape to our customers’ competitive advantage.
An ambitious promise, which we work hard on every day with
all our colleagues. But, ambition within Phoenix 3D Metaal
is two-fold After all, we also like to give our people plenty
of time and space to shape their own personal
ambition. For some, this means growth without a ceiling and
others are committed to “just” working nicely, without fuss.
Chris Knoop (22) / Lead Shaper at Phoenix 3D Metaal
Phoenix 3D Metaal …

This is Chris

  • Age 22
  • Father son aged 2
  • Hobbies making music
  • Previous education caregiving IG
  • Started at Phoenix through a family member
  • Job title all-round rubber press operator
  • Comes to work every day whistling
  • Special info also has friends and family working at Phoenix


  • Power button rubber press
  • Keeps an eye on the planning board
  • Collects sheet metal material
  • Inputs the press program
  • Conducts a 2-man check with a colleague before starting production
  • Checks the first series: dimensions / no folds or scratches / everything in line with the drawing
  • All green: start the series!
  • The day ends: with a tidy workplace
  • Pause means: enjoying it with your colleagues!

“I must say, when I think about it, I actually do go to work whistling every day. Great colleagues and work variety ensure that at the end of the working day I get on my scooter and head towards Valkenswaard with a feeling of satisfaction. That gives me loads of energy for the new day ahead. By the way, I think you’d stand out too much if you didn’t come to work whistling. If I heard it right, Phoenix 3D Metaal has grown quite a bit in recent years, but I think we’re still a relatively small company (in the best sense of the word). The managers here are highly attentive and know everyone. If they spot something, they take immediate action. I think a smile and a bit of whistling are kind of important traits here, haha.

Working at Phoenix
“When I look at my previous job and hear people around me talking about their current job, I come to the conclusion that the atmosphere here is truly unique and enjoyable. Not a mass company or number: you’re simply part of a close-knit team from day one. You also hardly notice any hierarchy here; everyone treats each other equally. If it’s needed, everyone is well aware of how the relationships are. A great example: the directors come and talk to the people in the production facility every day. These chats could be about work, or about other things. The interest is genuine and that means a lot to me. What also means a lot: everyone is open and honest. It may also be a men’s thing, but things are just spoken about openly here. If you’re doing well, you’ll hear about it. If things aren’t going well, you’ll hear about it. This creates a pleasant and transparent work environment and the corresponding atmosphere.”

“It seems as if they see potential in everyone here, without you being pushed to get the most out of it.”

“Many, many companies talk about growth opportunities, but in my opinion, it doesn’t end up that way very often in practice. Here it really is about development and ambition – and you decide when. Phoenix works with me. Periodically, I have conversations about how things are going, what I want, and what my ambition is. Then you also know that you are seen and that it’s not an empty promise. A nice example: I had only just started working here and was allowed to participate in the ‘geometric measurement’ training. It turned out that everyone is able to participate in this type of training. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been employed. The goal: learning, enriching knowledge and expanding knowledge. It seems like here they see potential in everyone, without you being pushed to get the most out of it. That really makes Phoenix a top employer for me!”