Glue Department

29 April 2022

Development at Phoenix 3D Metaal is continuous and we are expanding ‘our added value’ with a new department: the Glue Department!   In 2021, after intensive contact with a good customer, the idea arose to set up our own glue department at Phoenix 3D Metaal. We didn’t take any chances during the creation process. We […]

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14 January 2022

MACHINE AND EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS EMBRACE RUBBER PRESS TECHNIQUE In the Brainport region, a range of metal companies form the foundation of the metal sector in the Netherlands. Each company has its own specific expertise in-house. The common denominator is usually sheet metal working. Phoenix 3D Metaal fits in perfectly. The specialist in sheet metal works […]

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Newsletter | More Than Rubber Pad Forming

13 December 2021

The expertise within Phoenix 3D Metaal goes far beyond the forming of metal by using the rubber pad forming technique. Many of our customers have already experienced this: the knowledge and skill in the field of product design is also vast and above all of enormous added value.

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Always an optimal product design

25 November 2021

The expertise within Phoenix 3D Metaal goes far beyond the forming of metal by using the rubber pad forming technique. Many of our customers have already experienced this: the knowledge and skill in the field of product design is also vast and above all of enormous added value. This includes product optimisation and a positive […]

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Mudguard / Bukkoo

4 November 2021

Question We are Bukkoo. We help customers design and develop their products and ideas. Currently, we are developing an electric push-scooter. For the rear mudguard, we are facing a big challenge; we want a robust mudguard with a high-end design, in which the rear light is fully integrated. Advice To make the mudguard “easy to […]

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Hatch / De Klokslag Engineering

9 September 2021

Question We are De Klokslag Engineering. We have been designing cheese production systems for 30 years. Innovation is of paramount importance to us. We are always looking for innovative and cost-effective methods to produce and assemble our systems. We always use stainless steel “hatches” for our cleaning tunnels. We need hatches that are even easier […]

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Phoenix 3D Metaal in link magazine

2 July 2021

Phoenix 3D Metaal realises the value of the rubber pad forming technique for customers together with suppliers. “The better suppliers understand customer requirements, the less discussion.”   Phoenix 3D Metaal has been focusing on the rubber pad forming technique for manufacturing complex, double-curved sheet metal parts for more than twenty years. The value of this […]

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Wheel cover / E-traction

25 June 2021

Question We are e-Traction, part of one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We develop and produce electrically-driven wheel axles. For this, we are looking for a suitable wheel cover. The axles are fitted to newly built buses, but we also convert diesel buses to electric vehicles. We call this “retrofitting”.   Advice In consultation […]

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Rubber pad forming / The trinity

28 May 2021

The rubber pad forming technique is particularly versatile. With this we refer to the inseparable trinity within the technology: design, functionality and cost. When customers come to us with their product, one of these three topics is often extremely important to them. The rubber pad forming technique makes it possible to include the other two […]

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Bhobo weed brush machine

7 May 2021

Question As a brush manufacturer, Bhobo supplies, among other things, brushes for removing weeds. They also supply a weeding machine. For this machine Bhobo looked for a European supplier for the production of a functional cover. The design is an important starting point. The production of series is medium-sized.   Advice The original cover (from […]

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Stone Crusher / Hartl

23 April 2021

Question Hartl is a company that is active in the concrete recycling market. They needed more distinctiveness with their stone crusher compared to regular products on the market. Therefore, a designer was brought in to give the product the desired high-end design look. Mission accomplished. Hartl received a red dot award for the “restyle” of […]

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The main column O3

26 March 2021

Having fun in your work is the subject of this column. This is super important, of course, because you spend a large part of your life at work. Of course, having fun outside of work is just as important, but that’s something for another column.   It might be a good idea to start with […]

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Mokumono / Bicycles

29 January 2021

Question Bob and Tom came to Phoenix 3D Metaal with a concrete and clear starting point: we believe in local production, because in this way we reduce (unnecessarily) polluted transport systems. Better for the environment, better for nature. At Mokumono, we have designed a (bicycle) frame out of sheet metal and now we are looking […]

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Pars Pro Toto

15 January 2021

Request As a full-service design agency, circularity is very important to us. This is why we are developing a collection point for the collection of lamps, batteries and small electro-appliances. The starting point for this is that the (unique) look of the collection bin (the collection point) must have a reinforcing effect on brand awareness. […]

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De HOOFTzaak column 02

17 December 2020

The future. The subject of this column. And especially the future after April 2021. I am sick to death of the whole period preceding this one. Why after April? Because, if all goes well, the vulnerable among us will be protected by then. This would mean that from then on, we would be able to […]

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8 December 2020

GoPhoenix’ no. 2! A new concept in which we literally invite you to experience the world with us. You will see what we are doing and how we operate. You will also learn more about rubber-forming technology and the entire (production) process. With GoPhoenix, our experts offer you a unique glimpse behind the scenes!

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Phoenix 3D Metaal in Link Magazine

23 November 2020

Investing in process and people Investments to keep Phoenix 3D Metaal attractive for customers and staff Demonstrating with the latest technology that we can do anything   For Phoenix 3D Metal, 2019 was a peak year, with sales growing by 23 per cent. Consolidating that result was the goal this year – and then came […]

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The HOOFTzaak column 01

5 November 2020

Write a column. That’s a nice idea, and together with our advertising agency, we soon came to a decision. And because you have to do everything at some point, I just pipped my partner to an impulsive response: “I’ll do it…”.   So here is my first column. And, of course, it is about what […]

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Leo Spierings / Consultant & former CEO / Spierings Mobile Cranes

16 October 2020

The mobile tower crane of Spierings Mobile Cranes is almost too beautiful for the heavy work it carries out. At Spiering, they see it differently. It is exactly that state of the art look that the company wants to give to its cranes. The activities of Phoenix 3D Metaal focus on a hybrid crane (type […]

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Car „Luca“ TU/ecomotive

9 October 2020

For the ‘Luca’ car, we were approached by @TU/Ecomotive to think about a sustainable lightweight solution for Battery Casing [see picture]. Of course, we participated in this special project as a partner and sponsor. In our sponsorship activities, we find it important that our contribution is significant and creates real added value at both product […]

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