Pars Pro Toto

15 January 2021

Request As a full-service design agency, circularity is very important to us. This is why we are developing a collection point for the collection of lamps, batteries and small electro-appliances. The starting point for this is that the (unique) look of the collection bin (the collection point) must have a reinforcing effect on brand awareness. […]

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De HOOFTzaak column 02

17 December 2020

The future. The subject of this column. And especially the future after April 2021. I am sick to death of the whole period preceding this one. Why after April? Because, if all goes well, the vulnerable among us will be protected by then. This would mean that from then on, we would be able to […]

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8 December 2020

GoPhoenix’ no. 2! A new concept in which we literally invite you to experience the world with us. You will see what we are doing and how we operate. You will also learn more about rubber-forming technology and the entire (production) process. With GoPhoenix, our experts offer you a unique glimpse behind the scenes!

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Phoenix 3D Metaal in Link Magazine

23 November 2020

Investing in process and people Investments to keep Phoenix 3D Metaal attractive for customers and staff Demonstrating with the latest technology that we can do anything   For Phoenix 3D Metal, 2019 was a peak year, with sales growing by 23 per cent. Consolidating that result was the goal this year – and then came […]

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The HOOFTzaak column 01

5 November 2020

Write a column. That’s a nice idea, and together with our advertising agency, we soon came to a decision. And because you have to do everything at some point, I just pipped my partner to an impulsive response: “I’ll do it…”.   So here is my first column. And, of course, it is about what […]

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Leo Spierings / Consultant & former CEO / Spierings Mobile Cranes

16 October 2020

The mobile tower crane of Spierings Mobile Cranes is almost too beautiful for the heavy work it carries out. At Spiering, they see it differently. It is exactly that state of the art look that the company wants to give to its cranes. The activities of Phoenix 3D Metaal focus on a hybrid crane (type […]

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Car „Luca“ TU/ecomotive

9 October 2020

For the ‘Luca’ car, we were approached by @TU/Ecomotive to think about a sustainable lightweight solution for Battery Casing [see picture]. Of course, we participated in this special project as a partner and sponsor. In our sponsorship activities, we find it important that our contribution is significant and creates real added value at both product […]

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Mokumono Delta S e-bike

2 October 2020

That we, with our rubber pad forming technology, stand for an inseparable trinity (design, functionality and cost) is something that we cannot repeat often enough. Today we say: Mokumono Delta S-e-bike. That’s quite a mouthful, even though we are talking about the essence of minimalism here. The frame of this bike consists of two aluminium […]

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25 September 2020

”THE EXPERTISE OF PHOENIX 3D METAL IS GENUINELY SUBLIME.” – Annabell Frerichs / Supply Chain Management/Duotank   A nice and, above all, good-tasting beer. The first thought that springs to mind is the glass of beer that is placed in front of you on the table. At least, we did, until Duotank contacted us. They […]

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28 August 2020

4x Yes! Commissioned by Openstructures Design we have produced a multifunctional product. It is a connecting element for a stool, for example, but also a lampshade. We took a critical look at the manufacturability of the product to keep production costs as low as possible. And say it yourself … it’s a fantastic idea, with […]

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10 July 2020

“THEY MAKE IT SIMPLE, THEY ADAPT QUICKLY AND THEY ARE SIMPLY VERY INTERESTING FROM A COST POINT OF VIEW.” – Ronald van der Ende / Director / HR Solar   Customers who – at first – are inclined to deep-drawing, but quickly look elsewhere because of the (high) investment. We hear and see it regularly. […]

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Hans Faas / Senior Purchaser / Kverneland group

12 June 2020

THEIR TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE ENABLE THEM TO SAVE COSTS.” – Hans Faas / Senior Purchaser / Kverneland group Nieuw-Vennep B.V.   Phoenix 3D Metaal has been working for Kverneland for many years. Where it started with the production of different (sub)parts for mowers, in recent years the company has worked towards a specialisation in […]

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Eduardo van den Berg / Managing Director / Pharmafilter

18 May 2020

THEY WORK OUT WHAT IS NEEDED THEMSELVES, SEE IF OUR IDEA IS GOOD AND IF IT CAN BE DONE BETTER AND SMARTER.” – Eduardo van den Berg / Managing Director / Pharmafilter   With the innovative Pharmafilter system, Pharmafilter helps hospitals to improve healthcare by making it safer, cleaner and more efficient. Phoenix 3D Metaal […]

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Frank Hoonakker / Manager Purchasing / Boon Edam

23 April 2020

PHOENIX 3D METAAL IS A TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF GENUINE PARTNERSHIP FOR US.” – Frank Hoonakker / Manager Purchasing / Boon Edam   Boon Edam, Phoenix 3D Metaal and the rubber pad forming press. A trinity that cannot be ignored. At Boon Edam, they are happy with a supplier that primarily fulfils the customer’s wishes to […]

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Phoenix 3D Metaal invests in marketing, right now.

20 April 2020

Rubber forming ensures higher cleanability and lower TCO Phoenix 3D Metaal is going to make extra investments in marketing in the near future. The aim is to make the – still relatively unknown – metalworking process of rubber pad forming, in which the company specialises, more top of mind with engineers. The easy cleanability of […]

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Casing high-end microscope

20 April 2020

The request We want a metal casing for our microscope. The design – developed by design agency Projekter – perfectly matches the high-end level of the microscope and the markets in which it is used. The sheet metal must be of exactly the same level and reflect what we at NanoFocus stand for.   Our […]

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Balloon, Steelworks

20 April 2020

Request For the realization of artworks we are looking for stainless steel ‘balloons’. As it concerns an art object, the production quantities are low. The assembly of the parts and the finishing (high gloss polishing) are done by us.   Advice We examined the manufacturability of the art object critically. Based on this we came […]

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Reel, Rioned

20 March 2020

THE REQUEST Due to the pulsation of the hose during use of the installation, cracks develop in the reel’s cheek over time. This is partly due to the basic material for the reel cheek. We want a new type of reel, the use of which is durable.   OUR ADVICE Adjusting the shape of the […]

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Lid & base solar water heater, HR Solar

5 March 2020

Request We are looking for a custom-made base and lid for our newly developed solar water heater. Based on industry related guidelines and standards a ‘standard size’ is used most of the time. We want to produce multiple versions based on one base plate (e.g. 2 holes and/or 3 holes in the base plate).   […]

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14 February 2020

Question We want to give our absorber plates the required rigidity in a cost-efficient way. In this respect, the flatness of the flange edge is of great importance for the next step; bonding a glass plate, which is carried out in-house.   Opinion After intensive consultation with the customer, it became clear that the size […]

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