14 February 2020

Question For our shawarma robot, a high end machine for automatic cutting of roast meat, we are looking for a plate for collecting meat chips. The high end appearance of the complete robot is essential.   Opinion Combine the round transitions needed for optimal cleanability with sharp transitions that provide the desired high end look. […]

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14 February 2020

Question As an additional question, from a coin box already produced by us, the same customer asked us to make a Bezel (frame) for a new slot machine to be developed. A modern and austere look are desired. A high end design (high degree of finish) is of great importance for the latest generation of […]

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14 February 2020

Question Our new mobile crane has to look like a state of the art crane. After all, it is the first hybrid crane; unique in its kind. We are looking for a supplier who is able to meet our demand in a cost-efficient manner.   Opinion Divide the panels into functional ‘pieces’ so that several […]

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Lely Mestrobot

23 January 2020

Lely Discovery Collector • High-tech product with ditto appearance 3D formed solid sheet metal parts give the robot the high-tech look that matches the technology on the inside. 3mm thick stainless steel parts, which are 3D formed using the rubber forming process.   About Lely As a family-run international company in the agricultural sector, we […]

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Eye opener; Kubota Kaizen Competition!

1 November 2019

A competition especially for Kubota suppliers; focused on improvement and optimisation. The ‘grand finale’ was the final piece of a six-month collaboration between a Kubota specialist and our Quality Assurance manager, Tommie Baeten. They worked together on a ‘product’ with the aim of ‘improvement’ and ‘optimisation’.   Both the past six months and the day […]

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Successful company visit Geldmaat

18 October 2019

Do you remember? From teaser to result! Phoenix 3D Metal on behalf of VIM Group and Geldmaat …   The people of Geldmaat (end customer) were very curious about the technology behind the end product. By technology we of course mean the rubber pressing technique. With the following result; a beautifully shaped cover, produced within […]

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Keep expanding your knowledge. It can always be done better.

11 October 2019

Pierre Vermulst (50), father of two daughters and happily married to his wife and his Rapido Prima Power 3D fibre laser. Because this Rapido is ‘Pierre’s machine’. In fact; he boarded a plane with one of the directors of Phoenix 3D Metal to assess the machine in Italy before it was purchased. The smiley 3D […]

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Caravan side skirt

4 October 2019

Question: We are looking for an authentic look for a new caravan to be developed. We want this look to be a nod to the past without losing sight of the present.   Our advice: Since several plates of different sizes (with the same look) are attached to the caravan, you automatically need the same […]

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Shield fender

12 September 2019

Question : We are looking for a fender which will gives our metal fertiliser spreader the required robustness, and at the same time will give the spreader a better appearance. And because of the competitive market in which we operate, at the lowest possible cost.   Advice : At Phoenix we know where the cost […]

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Our people are great. So we have to keep them on board.

30 August 2019

It is a fixed bi-weekly event for both men; the marketing and progress meeting with the Phoenix 3D Metaal advertising agency. The gentlemen in question: Jan-Willem van Hooft (52) and Bernard van der Poel (51), Directors and Co-owners of Phoenix 3D Metaal. Starting from a new strategic course (both at organisational and communication level) and […]

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Housing Flow Meter

18 July 2019

Distinctive design within a conservative industry Increased measurement accuracy through improved functionality Lower cost price by reducing total weld length   About Heinrichs Messtechnik The history of Heinrichs Messtechnik takes us back to 1911 with the design of a mechanically variable flow meter. At that time, mainly companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry around […]

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Our age difference creates a nice dynamic within the collaboration.

5 July 2019

They walk through the door talking and laughing. They walk in together, because Ad and Dylan ‘run’ the Logistics department together within Phoenix 3D Metal. It seems like a good team at first glance; both men appear to be enjoying themselves. A chat with Ad Pasmans and his ‘mate’ Dylan van Dinter (both Logistics employees) […]

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There is always a challenge here, you are always triggered.

20 May 2019

Sometimes you make a choice that you change your mind about at a later date. This does not necessarily mean it was a wrong choice. It could simply provide you with new insights. You can take advantage of that. As a human being it makes you stronger, smarter and perhaps even more complete. The moral […]

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Speed camera

12 April 2019

Design and aesthetic appearance of the end product opens doors to new markets No concession has been made about the robustness of the end product; round shapes of the housing and the inside frame constructed from plate The end product is easy to personalise due to rubber press technology; company names and/or logos can be […]

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Rubber pad forming is a wonderful job, full of variety. It always requires a specific approach.

8 April 2019

What you see is what you get. That’s how he comes across when you meet him. Down to earth and above all clear. That soon becomes … clear. Mark van Deursen (34 years old) is Foreman within the ‘heart’ of Phoenix 3D Metaal; the rubber pressing department. Married, father of two children and ‘protector’ of […]

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Bottom Housing

22 March 2019

Housing under the seat; Top housing Housing under the foot platform; Bottom housing Cover of the foot platform; Bottom housing cover   Electric Dutchman You stand out with the Electric Dutchman, that’s a fact. The Electric Dutchman combines excellent specifications with a robust Dutch Design. The powerful 2000W motor in combination with the EnergyPack takes […]

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Brainstorming session and discussions are always leading factors. This is how the best ideas come about.

8 March 2019

If someone’s state of mind is reflected by a twinkle in their eye, this is certainly the case with Rudy. Driven, enthusiastic and a real advertisement for Phoenix 3D Metal as Engineering Manager (formerly R&D department). He has been there for quite a while and not without reason … Rudy opens up about working at […]

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Coin Bin

28 February 2019

Eurocoin / GBO A product that cannot be manufactured by conventional deep-drawing due to its shape Pressed ‘around’ a corner only possible with rubber pad forming Shape simplifies the extraction of coins About Onyx & Eurcoin / GBO Onyx is changing the fairly traditional designs of the current slot machines within the gaming industry. For […]

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Attention to specific qualities; the basis for personal growth.

1 February 2019

If you ask him about his hobbies, the answer is clear; roller hockey, nothing more and nothing less. The answer to the question of whether he is at home at Phoenix 3D Metal is perhaps even clearer. Why is that? Joey van den Dungen (24) explains …   “From my studying Sports and Exercise I […]

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Phoenix 3D Metaal wishes you happy holidays!

21 December 2018

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