Brainstorming session and discussions are always leading factors. This is how the best ideas come about.

8 March 2019

If someone’s state of mind is reflected by a twinkle in their eye, this is certainly the case with Rudy. Driven, enthusiastic and a real advertisement for Phoenix 3D Metal as Engineering Manager (formerly R&D department). He has been there for quite a while and not without reason … Rudy opens up about working at […]

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Coin Bin

28 February 2019

Eurocoin / GBO A product that cannot be manufactured by conventional deep-drawing due to its shape Pressed ‘around’ a corner only possible with rubber pad forming Shape simplifies the extraction of coins About Onyx & Eurcoin / GBO Onyx is changing the fairly traditional designs of the current slot machines within the gaming industry. For […]

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Attention to specific qualities; the basis for personal growth.

1 February 2019

If you ask him about his hobbies, the answer is clear; roller hockey, nothing more and nothing less. The answer to the question of whether he is at home at Phoenix 3D Metal is perhaps even clearer. Why is that? Joey van den Dungen (24) explains …   “From my studying Sports and Exercise I […]

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Phoenix 3D Metaal wishes you happy holidays!

21 December 2018

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Pitbull Compact Loader

15 November 2018

Pitbull Compact Loader A high-tech product with a high-tech look! The red panel is formed with the rubber pad forming technique: watch the animated film on the site for more information! A modern look and very solid due to the use of (stainless) steel. Significant reduction of total cost due to elimination of various reinforcing […]

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With QRM more rest in production

13 November 2018

After Phoenix 3D Metaal decided to shift its strategic focus to high-end technical sheet metal, rubber pad forming  and repetitive work, the management faced a new challenge. Turnover increased but the logistical flows were difficult to manage. Together with SpartnerS it placed their production logistics on the cutting table.   Outdated production logistics “The new […]

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3D fibre laser cutting machine works quickly and impeccably on rubber pressed products

7 November 2018

What we don’t understand, we fear. It is a statement that certainly also applies to rubber pad forming . Nevertheless, this technique, especially in times of contracting series, can bring a real competitive advantage. It is the calling card of Phoenix 3D Metal who specialise in rubber pad forming . In order to finish the […]

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31 October 2018

Photo caption: Jan-Willem van Hooft (left) and Bernard van der Poel: ‘We are a complete sheet metal workshop, but with rubber pad forming  as core business.’   ‘Rubber pad forming ? Never heard of it!’ Phoenix 3D Metal, a pioneer in this ‘forgotten’ sheet metal processing technology, wants to change that by making some noise. […]

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19 October 2018

We are Phoenix. Since 1960 we have been turning metal plates into 3D objects. So we are no newbies. But we are innovative. Always looking for smarter ways to do it. This has resulted in a technology whose principle stands out by its simplicity: Rubber pad forming. The name says it all; we use a […]

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Company outing with Phoenix 3D Metal

19 October 2018

Our staff association has once again organised a super outing!   We drove to the PSV stadium on the coach, which in itself is very special because one of the organisers is an avid Ajax supporter! We had a very nice tour there and saw some very funny things; the opponent only has 10 showers […]

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Lely Discovery Collector – Revolutionary manure robot for closed stable floors

10 October 2018

Lely Discovery Collector   High-tech product with a ditto look 3D moulded solid panels that give the robot the high-tech look that fits the technology on the inside. 3mm thick stainless steel panels, which are 3D shaped through the process of rubber pad forming   About Lely   As an international family business in the […]

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