25 November 2021

The expertise within Phoenix 3D Metaal goes far beyond the forming of metal by using the rubber pad forming technique. Many of our customers have already experienced this: the knowledge and skill in the field of product design is also vast and above all of enormous added value. This includes product optimisation and a positive effect on the Total Cost of Ownership (total short-term and long-term costs). The latter is in turn important for our customers’ customer. At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we often say it out loud: an optimal product design is the basis for the advantage we promise our customers!


In practice, we notice that rubber pad forming is still a relatively unknown technique within the metal industry. A missed opportunity! There is no specific training or study that focuses completely on this special technique. This means that both designers with years of experience and up-and-coming design talent are completely unfamiliar with the possibilities and advantages, although these are enormous.


At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we have a special R&D team. This team of engineers has years of experience in a wide variety of market segments and advises customers on “manufacturability”, design, functionality and cost optimisation. In addition, they are able like no other to put themselves in the position of the product/market combination in which the customer is active.


Phoenix 3D Metaal has been operating for more than 60 years. Therefore, we have almost as many products we produce as the market segments we are active in.