25 September 2020



– Annabell Frerichs / Supply Chain Management/Duotank


A nice and, above all, good-tasting beer. The first thought that springs to mind is the glass of beer that is placed in front of you on the table. At least, we did, until Duotank contacted us. They were looking for a supplier who could offer them an alternative for the production of beer tanks (in small series). Specifically, the lid and bottom, in various sizes and materials (e.g. stainless steel and copper).

“They make an essential component for our double-walled beer tanks, and from an aesthetic point of view, they are also super important. Phoenix meets our needs in all respects. We have only been working together for a short time (a year), but we have already concluded that it is a phenomenal company.”

“After a glance at the website of Phoenix 3D Metaal, it was clear to us immediately that they could create what we needed. An initial meeting confirmed this. We soon started working on our drawings and then entered the simulation process. A fine working method. Based on the simulations, they designed several moulds for cost-efficient production. In the preliminary stages, they already showed a great deal of added value. For us, the great advantage of Phoenix’ is that they guarantee and realise quick turnaround times. On this basis, we can again give our customers concrete and, above all, accurate delivery times. And then, of course, the aesthetics.

Our beer tanks are attractive and in some cases an essential part of, for example, the interior of a pub. At Phoenix 3D Metaal they understand it like no other; the more attractive the tank, the better it sells. In the end, of course, that is the most important thing for us.” “If you ask me what stands out in our collaboration with Phoenix 3D Metaal, it is the expertise. It is sublime. They are also always clear and realistic as well as open and flexible.

No, this is not an advertising story, it’s just a phenomenal company!”