1 February 2019

If you ask him about his hobbies, the answer is clear; roller hockey, nothing more and nothing less. The answer to the question of whether he is at home at Phoenix 3D Metal is perhaps even clearer. Why is that? Joey van den Dungen (24) explains …


“From my studying Sports and Exercise I switched to working at Phoenix 3D Metal.”


To be honest, on his first day at Phoenix 3D Metal, Joey didn’t even know the difference between stainless steel and steel. Not the most ideal starting point, but for Phoenix that wasn’t a problem. Because the motto of the company is; if you want to learn and seize opportunities, then much is possible.


Joey started ‘everywhere and nowhere’ at Phoenix and he is very happy with that looking back. “I got the chance to get to know the company, had good guidance and the most important thing; nobody blamed me for having ‘little’ knowledge about metal. There was no pressure and that made me feel comfortable,”


‘Joey’ soon found ‘his’ place. It was the 2D department and has been working here for about 4 years now as an all-round sheet metal processor (bending  and punching). “Our 2D department consists of press brakes, punching/nibbling machines and of course the fully automated Bending robot. A very cool machine.”


The conversation falls silent for a moment, after which Joey happily starts chatting again.


“I am not someone who continuously expresses their ambition. There’s no need. Within Phoenix you can improve continuous – if you want to. Next month I will start a new external training and I have jokingly indicated that I want to continue to grow into a management position within the company. Nobody even looks surprised, on the contrary; they support it.”


If you listen to Joey, it sounds like it is a good match between employer and employee. Sounds like an ideal scenario? “We work hard here and we achieve the business objectives with the entire team. If something goes wrong, we tell each other. And then we just carry on.”


“We are friends here rather than colleagues. We all get on very well.”


In addition, we are – relatively speaking – not too big a company. That means that everyone knows each other and interacts with each other in a fun way. Including the management. The directors regularly come by for a ‘neighbourly chat’ and keep the team together in a good way.”


“We know and understand each other, from the work floor to the management. Everyone is appreciated, heard and deployed here based on their specific qualities. The latter is, in my opinion, the basis for personal growth and the advantage of our customers that we are working on.”


Enthusiastic after reading this article? Or do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us. Joey or one of his colleagues will be happy to speak to you!