7 May 2021


As a brush manufacturer, Bhobo supplies, among other things, brushes for removing weeds. They also supply a weeding machine. For this machine Bhobo looked for a European supplier for the production of a functional cover. The design is an important starting point. The production of series is medium-sized.



The original cover (from the USA) is angular due to conventional edge processing. Therefore a lot of subsequent machining is required: welding, spot welding and grinding of welds. Phoenix 3D Metaal will modify the design to a more rounded shape in consultation with you, so that all current subsequent machining operations are eliminated. Because of the practical application, we advise a decent sheet metal thickness for the production of the cover. Our 3D design will take care of sufficient strength and rigidity.


Head start

The cover meets all Bhobo’s needs and requirements. It is robust and can take a beating. In addition, the design fits perfectly with the weeding machine. And last but not least; eliminating the subsequent operations results in a competitive price!


About Bhobo

Wiederman is the partner for road and weed brushes. After taking over the activities of the Greijmans Group, we produce brushes in Izegem. Our experience of more than 75 years in the brush industry, combined with the know-how of the Greijmans Group, ensures that we offer top quality products. Our Wiederman weeding machine (formerly the MVT-390) also has no equal. Problem-free weed removal from paths and paving is done without any effort.