22 March 2019

  • Housing under the seat; Top housing
  • Housing under the foot platform; Bottom housing
  • Cover of the foot platform; Bottom housing cover


Electric Dutchman

You stand out with the Electric Dutchman, that’s a fact. The Electric Dutchman combines excellent specifications with a robust Dutch Design. The powerful 2000W motor in combination with the EnergyPack takes you to a distance of 75km. The options of placing a second EnergyPack will take you up to a distance of 150 km. Standing out sustainably with your company image is possible because the modular frame can be completely Burned in the style of any company.

(Speeds are based on a constant driving speed of 25 km/h under ideal driving conditions).


The advantage

Rigidity is increased by adding extra grooves that fit with the design. As a result, extra reinforcement by means of a frame is not necessary, which entails a cost advantage. The housing can also be used in two places by adjusting the cutting contour. One as a foot platform and one as a container under the seat. So two products are produced with one tool and two different 3D laser cutting programmes.


Both housings are formed in the same mould, but by adjusting the contour with the 3D laser it is possible to use them in two places.