8 March 2019

If someone’s state of mind is reflected by a twinkle in their eye, this is certainly the case with Rudy. Driven, enthusiastic and a real advertisement for Phoenix 3D Metal as Engineering Manager (formerly R&D department). He has been there for quite a while and not without reason … Rudy opens up about working at Phoenix 3D Metal.


“People often call me a perfectionist. I’m not sure about that description myself. I simply like to go deep. As far as I’m concerned, the challenge of our work lies in translating the customer’s issue into a concrete practical solution. A solution that gives the customer a genuine head start. And yes, that sometimes concerns the smallest details. If that makes me a perfectionist? I just think that’s how it should be done.”


Rudy, married, father of two children and chef when he has the time, kicks off the conversation with a great statement. “There are people who know a lot about a little and vice versa. I belong to the group of people who know a little about a lot. This comes in handy within Phoenix 3D Metal. After all, we serve a wide range of customers and my broad interest enables me to be understand the customer better. That feeling permeates the entire Engineering department, by the way. We want to get to know our customers. Because that is the only way to understand them.”


As Engineering Manager Rudy steers the Engineering department. Exactly that, more steering than management. “Everyone on our team understands their profession, together we achieve beautiful and often complex projects. We achieve results because we highlight a good ‘mix’ of knowledge, expertise and specialisation within our team of 6 Engineers. Steering is therefore more important than management. I steer and adjust, organise, set priorities and monitor deadlines.


“We are also a diverse group. We come from the technology sector, but all with different backgrounds. The age structure is also favourable, resulting in wonderful conversations. We do spend a lot of time in front of our screens, but brainstorming and discussing are and remain leading factors.”


“Engineers are pretty head-strong people. And they should be. Ultimately, this yields the best ideas.”


What makes the Engineering department of Phoenix 3D Metal different from those of other metal companies? “We are flexible and what we are good at is quite specific. We encourage a deformation process and few other metal companies do this. I can safely say that what we do is special. That is what makes working at Phoenix 3D Metaal so attractive. And I’m not just talking about the Engineering department.”


When Rudy is asked about what really typifies his working environment, he practically offers up an elevator pitch. “We have a lot of interaction with the rest of the company. We are anything but an island. That’s not what we want either. We can’t do without the knowledge of our people in the workplace. They know a lot about manufacturability. That is why they are the ‘makers’ and we are the ‘thinkers’. Combine those two components and the advantage for our customers is guaranteed!”


“The challenge is in our promise; low costs for small and medium-sized series. Naturally, that starts with the Engineering department.”


Enthusiastic after reading this article? Or do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us. Joey or one of his colleagues will be happy to speak with you!