4 October 2019

Question: We are looking for an authentic look for a new caravan to be developed. We want this look to be a nod to the past without losing sight of the present.


Our advice: Since several plates of different sizes (with the same look) are attached to the caravan, you automatically need the same number of moulds. Embossed plates lend themselves perfectly to being manufactured with a ‘laser cut mould’. A ‘laser cut mould’ is a plate with the desired shape cut from it. This plate then serves as a mould. This is of course many times cheaper than a milled mould.


Advantage: Because the batches are relatively small, it is very important to keep tool costs as low as possible. This is possible by using ‘laser cut moulds’. This enables achieving the desired look of the caravan at a competitive price.


The story: It was my dream to enjoy the outdoors with the comforts of home; sleeping under starry skies in a top bed, outdoor cooking on a full-fledged stove. And in the most beautiful places in nature. The beautifully designed LUME Traveler was born from this dream.