28 February 2019

Eurocoin / GBO

  • A product that cannot be manufactured by conventional deep-drawing due to its shape
  • Pressed ‘around’ a corner only possible with rubber pad forming
  • Shape simplifies the extraction of coins

About Onyx & Eurcoin / GBO

Onyx is changing the fairly traditional designs of the current slot machines within the gaming industry. For users, it’s all about the perfect combination of ergonomics, comfort and gaming experience. Solutions have been devised for placement of the buttons, angle of the display, legroom and choice of material. The result is a revolutionary design where ergonomics, comfort, functionality, appearance, affordability and maintenance meet the needs and requirements of the user and the operator. Everything is focused on immersive game play for the user.

In collaboration with Eurocoin Gaming and GBO Innovation makers, Phoenix 3D Metal has the opportunity to rubber-press metal parts in the Onyx project.