1 November 2019

A competition especially for Kubota suppliers; focused on improvement and optimisation. The ‘grand finale’ was the final piece of a six-month collaboration between a Kubota specialist and our Quality Assurance manager, Tommie Baeten. They worked together on a ‘product’ with the aim of ‘improvement’ and ‘optimisation’.


Both the past six months and the day itself have been real eye-openers. We have learned and improved a lot, with the main conclusion being; practically everything you do, create and touch can be improved. Even when the basic product is already of a high level!


With 11 other companies we made it an inspiring and especially educational day. Great to see how the other participants improved their processes in the past six months.


And the key question … did we win? No, unfortunately not. So, what did it bring us? We have since started improving processes the ‘Kaizen Way’ which is very promising for the coming years!