29 April 2022

Development at Phoenix 3D Metaal is continuous and we are expanding ‘our added value’ with a new department: the Glue Department!


In 2021, after intensive contact with a good customer, the idea arose to set up our own glue department at Phoenix 3D Metaal. We didn’t take any chances during the creation process. We started testing in order to subsequently build the glue department in phases. This includes work tables, glue guns, glue jigs, auxiliary tools, extraction and work and inspection instructions.


In addition, a number of colleagues have been trained so that they know exactly what is required for a perfect adhesive bond. And to learn what could go wrong and how to prevent this at all times. We have been fully operational since the beginning of 2022 and by now we can say that everything is running smoothly. It turned out that good preparation was half the battle!


Added value for customers
With this department, we can offer our customers even more. And because we remove links in the chain, they need to ‘regulate’ less. Not unimportant: this is how we also reduce costs!


Polycarbonate parts in particular are currently glued to stainless steel parts. This would not be possible in a regular welding process. At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we deal with ‘high-end‘ visible parts most of the time and a different expansion coefficient, in short; perfect for an adhesive bond!


Why glueing

  • Glueing prevents welding and reworking of products
  • Glue is extremely strong in many applications
  • Different materials can be glued together
  • Glueing can ensure that the product is waterproof
  • Certain types of glue have their own properties and scope. Think of vibration damping and sealing. The possibilities are virtually endless!