12 June 2020



– Hans Faas / Senior Purchaser / Kverneland group Nieuw-Vennep B.V.


Phoenix 3D Metaal has been working for Kverneland for many years. Where it started with the production of different (sub)parts for mowers, in recent years the company has worked towards a specialisation in the production of tubs for these wide Spreaders.

“The existing tubs failed in several areas when produced in low-income countries.

By initiating a project in collaboration with Phoenix, Phoenix was able to produce the tubs more smartly, with a much-improved quality, which met Kverneland’s standards. And it did so at a competitive price (compared to the low-income country of Hungary where the tubs were produced in the past).

But, at Kverneland (owned by the Japanese tractor manufacturer Kubota) they believe that things can always be done smarter and better. Now that  Kverneland has been acquired by Kubota, there is even more focus on this. In fact, we set up a special project – called Kubota Kaizen Competition – for it. An open-ended project, because it is aimed at continuous (process) optimisation. We involve all our suppliers in this project. Including Phoenix 3D Metaal. In the beginning, they were a bit hesitant because we already had an internal (process) optimisation project running. For us, it was a confirmation that they fit in with us.”

Go-getters with extensive knowledge

“I dare say that we are really happy with our cooperation. Phoenix 3D Metaal is reliable in terms of quality, price and delivery time. They are also extremely flexible, or you can call them go-getters. Whether we ask them to take on more work or less, they are always there for us and think along with us. After all these years, we know what we can expect from them – a foundation for collaboration. Their specialisation in rubber presses is really important to us. Internally our engineers are not yet at the level where Phoenix 3D Metaal operates. Because of their technical knowledge and experience, they can realise cost savings.

Naturally, we are very happy with that.