9 September 2021

We are De Klokslag Engineering. We have been designing cheese production systems for 30 years. Innovation is of paramount importance to us. We are always looking for innovative and cost-effective methods to produce and assemble our systems. We always use stainless steel “hatches” for our cleaning tunnels. We need hatches that are even easier to clean and that can be produced in a cost-efficient way. The evenness of the hatch is very important in this respect, so that everything can be properly sealed.


Improved cleanliness goes hand in hand with large radii and round shapes. This is an outstanding “USP” within the rubber pad forming process. We will therefore increase the radius where necessary. This is good for the cleanability, and it provides an advantage during the production process (i.e. cost advantage). Using extensive simulations, we determine what the evenness will be like after cutting out the product. If necessary, we apply extra compression or increase the flange edge (for rubber seals) in order to create more rigidity.


Head start
The “new” hatch fully meets the expectations of both De Klokslag and Phoenix 3D Metaal. The product is beautifully even, which ensures a perfect seal. The flange edge has the desired height, resulting in an excellent clamping to the rubber seal. In addition, we have significantly reduced production costs because the product is now manufactured from one whole sheet (instead of several parts). This also eliminates the need for welding and post-processing. With four larger radii at the corners, cleanliness has also greatly increased.