18 July 2019

  • Distinctive design within a conservative industry
  • Increased measurement accuracy through improved functionality
  • Lower cost price by reducing total weld length


About Heinrichs Messtechnik

The history of Heinrichs Messtechnik takes us back to 1911 with the design of a mechanically variable flow meter. At that time, mainly companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry around Cologne were supplied. This area is still one of the largest chemical and refinery locations in Europe.


In the mid-1980s, Heinrichs – as the first company in Europe – developed a mass flow meter based on the Coriolis principle. Heinrichs also developed instruments made of titanium, hastelloy or tantalum that became a reference in the chemical and petrochemical industry.


The adaptation of micro-control technologies in the 90s led to modern communication technologies such as HART, Profibus and MODBUS. Since 2008, Heinrichs Messtechnik has been successfully integrated into the KOBOLD group. In 2010, Heinrichs Messtechnik – as the world’s first manufacturer – developed an All Metall Variable Area Flow Meter with compact Foundation Fieldbus protocol, thereby underlining its innovative power.