23 January 2020

Lely Discovery Collector
• High-tech product with ditto appearance

  • 3D formed solid sheet metal parts give the robot the high-tech look that matches the technology on the inside.
  • 3mm thick stainless steel parts, which are 3D formed using the rubber forming process.


About Lely
As a family-run international company in the agricultural sector, we are committed to making life easier for farmers every day with innovative solutions and targeted services. To achieve this, we offer solutions for almost all work in the cowshed: from milking to cleaning. We also provide consultancy on the smart organisation of the dairy farm with the use of management systems. We are guided and inspired by our vision and the wishes and choices of our customers.

We have been doing this since 1948: the year in which the brothers Cornelis and Arij van der Lely entered the market with the rake: one of our first inventions that broke through the traditional way of working on the farm. Many more innovations followed with only one goal in mind: to make life easier for farmers worldwide and to work together towards a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in agriculture.