5 March 2020


We are looking for a custom-made base and lid for our newly developed solar water heater. Based on industry related guidelines and standards a ‘standard size’ is used most of the time. We want to produce multiple versions based on one base plate (e.g. 2 holes and/or 3 holes in the base plate).



This application is ideally suited for rubber pressing technology in combination with laser cutting. Because we can press – the desired versions – using one mould at a time. We opted to apply 3 mould cavities in one mould. This makes it possible to produce 3 lids or bases at the same time.



The industry is known as a real price market. Cost efficient production is therefore not a request, but an absolute necessity. Due to the low tooling costs (1 mould) and the production of multiple versions in 1 series at the same time, there are considerable cost savings in the production process.


HRsolar strives for sustainability

Sustainability is of paramount importance to HRsolar. Because sustainable living is important for future generations. Through years of innovation, HRsolar developed a solar heating system that fits seamlessly into every household. Every home can thus make use of solar heat, including in combination with various other sustainable technologies.