4 November 2021

We are Bukkoo. We help customers design and develop their products and ideas. Currently, we are developing an electric push-scooter. For the rear mudguard, we are facing a big challenge; we want a robust mudguard with a high-end design, in which the rear light is fully integrated.

To make the mudguard “easy to produce”, we have to divide it into two aluminium parts. This means that we reassemble the mudguard into a single unit later in the production process. Welding is not an option, because the large amount of heat involved will cause the whole thing to “drag” tremendously. We choose two parts that slide into each other and are fastened with pop rivets. The left part is therefore slightly larger than the right part. However, we can still “fit” the left and right parts together in the same mould and thus press them in one pass. Next, we will cut the contours and holes on our 3D fibre laser so that both parts fit together perfectly and can be connected with pop rivets.

Head start
The robust mudguard has become the eye-catcher of this contemporary electric push-scooter. Also in this project, it is our trinity (design, functionality and cost-effectiveness) that gives us a real edge. Because with both parts in one mould and one press, we also reduce production costs.