15 November 2018

Pitbull Compact Loader

  • A high-tech product with a high-tech look!
  • The red panel is formed with the rubber pad forming technique: watch the animated film on the site for more information!
  • A modern look and very solid due to the use of (stainless) steel.
  • Significant reduction of total cost due to elimination of various reinforcing parts when using a plating made of plastic


About Pitbull

A new series of mini loaders is being launched on the market under the brand name Pitbull. The Pitbull Compact Loaders are produced in a brand new factory with an area of 7,500 m². This factory has the most modern robot systems for a high-quality product, produced in the most efficient way.


The Pitbull Compact Loader is a unique product with attention to safety, quality and strength. The Pitbull is compact and very manoeuvrable. This makes it the perfect aid for heavy jobs in small spaces. The low seat height in combination with a low roof also makes the Pitbull very suitable for interior work.


Safety is one of the biggest pillars of the Pitbull. The low center of gravity and the pivot axis in combination with the rigid tipping point make the Pitbull very stable and suitable for working on uneven surfaces. A rearward sliding safety device prevents the operator from falling out of the machine during the work. The fall-out protection remains within the machine at all times, preventing unnecessary damage. The machine comes with a ROPS safety roof.


The quality of the Pitbull is guaranteed by using the highest quality products. The frame is made of high quality steel and only A-brand components are used. The machine is equipped with a unique boom which uses a combination of Z-kinematics and P-kinematics. This makes the machine very powerful and ensures perfect parallel guidance.


Optionally, the Pitbull Compact Loader is available with a cab for working in all weather conditions. A wide selection of tires ensures that the Pitbull can be adapted to all kinds of work. Furthermore, it can be supplied in a colour of your choice.


The Peeters Group stands for solid, innovative and competitively priced agricultural machinery. The Peeters Group brands are Peecon, Tulip and in 2018, the new Pitbull. Every year they produce thousands of machines at four production sites in the Netherlands. The machines find their way around the world through a worldwide dealer and service network.