20 April 2020


Due to the pulsation of the hose during use of the installation, cracks develop in the reel’s cheek over time. This is partly due to the basic material for the reel cheek. We want a new type of reel, the use of which is durable.



Adjusting the shape of the reel allows for better absorption of vibrations. We create extra rigidity through multiple reinforcement rills, which makes the product more compressible and therefore also more rigid. In addition, we use ordinary steel for a longer service life instead of cast steel (with the current model). This is less brittle and much more resistant to the vibrations.



A durable product (the shape and material guarantee a long lifespan), with more rigidity and produced at a more competitive price than the old model.



Rioned supplies sewer cleaning equipment for more than 60 years. Reliability is paramount in the development of their products, feedback from the machine operators proved to be very valuable. Rioned uses ISO 9001:2015 quality systems to ensure continuous reliability and quality. So customers can rely on every piece of equipment, even under the most extreme conditions.