8 April 2019

What you see is what you get. That’s how he comes across when you meet him. Down to earth and above all clear. That soon becomes … clear. Mark van Deursen (34 years old) is Foreman within the ‘heart’ of Phoenix 3D Metaal; the rubber pressing department. Married, father of two children and ‘protector’ of the three rubber presses that are part of the machinery of Phoenix 3D Metal. Rubber pad forming presses of which two are good for 3,500 tonnes and one of no less than 8,000 tonnes. You must be made of the right material. Isn’t that right Mark?


“I have been active in woodwork for 11 years and until I entered Phoenix 3D Metal, I had never held a piece of ‘metal’ in my hands. I listened, observed, asked questions and I especially paid attention. Advantage; After I watch something being made, I can make it myself.”


Mark started as a Production Assistant and was able to quickly grow into the position of Foreman within Phoenix 3D Metal. Within this position, Mark is responsible for part of the preparation, changing moulds and – as he describes it – keeping the guys in the department going. “I make sure everyone stays busy and I am responsible for some maintenance on the machines. The latter mainly comes from a bit of genuine interest.”


Showing an interest. As far as Mark is concerned, that is the key to success for everything. “That is how I learned the tricks of the trade. Showing an interest is the most important thing. If you show an interest within Phoenix 3D Metal, you can go far. I think everyone can start here, everyone gets a chance. With passion and the right dedication, you will succeed here.”


Mark’s hobby is playing darts. A fairly refined sport. The force of the three rubber pad forming presses he is responsible for is quite different. “We have the largest press in the Netherlands. Good for 8,000 tons, with a loading surface of 2200 x 1100 mm. We can press all major products with this press. When people ask me what rubber pad forming presses are, I always say that the rubber pad of the press presses the desired shape into the metal like chewing gum. That immediately tells them how much force is involved.”


Mark likes really enjoys his job at Phoenix 3D Metal. Daily variety and challenges and a pleasant working atmosphere. “I’ve found my place here. We work with a great group of people on beautiful products. I think everyone gets on here. We’re a sociable bunch, but we also work hard. These two things go together perfectly here.”


“Every product we press is different and that is where the challenge lies. It always requires a specific approach and that makes it so interesting to me.”


When Mark is asked if these machines are like his babies, he is very clear.

“The presses are not my babies, but they are definitely my machines. They work hard for us, so I take good care of them.”


“I think the force of our  presses is beautiful. Such powerful machines, that remains impressive.”