12 September 2019

Question : We are looking for a fender which will gives our metal fertiliser spreader the required robustness, and at the same time will give the spreader a better appearance. And because of the competitive market in which we operate, at the lowest possible cost.


Advice : At Phoenix we know where the cost drivers are in our process. By looking closely at the design with these cost drivers in mind, we devised to make the radii on the outside corners and the radii that connect to the mounting surface larger. This made it possible to press the product positively, in one pressing step. Through positive pressing, the 3D laser step could be cancelled


Advantage : It is possible to offer the end customer the option of the mudguard at a competitive price. A fender that does the product justice and is robust.


Kverneland Group

The history of Kverneland Group dates back to 1879, when founder Ole Gabriel Kverneland built his small forge in the village of Kvernaland, 25 kilometres outside of Stavanger, Norway. The company was known at that time as “OG Kvernelands Fabrik”, which manufactured scythes. From 1879 the company developed and specialised in horse-driven ploughs and harrows. The Kverneland Group has expanded considerably over the decades through various takeovers of a number of agricultural machinery manufacturers. Today the machines are sold under the well-known brands Kverneland and Vicon. In addition, Kverneland Group has a strong focus on the development and offering of sustainable, smart and precision agricultural solutions. In the Netherlands, Kverneland Group has two production sites in Nieuw Vennep for the production of spreaders and field sprayers and Mechatronics as Kverneland Group’s centre for electronics and precision agricultural solutions. The sales company is based in Dronten.


Kverneland Group