12 April 2019

  • Design and aesthetic appearance of the end product opens doors to new markets
  • No concession has been made about the robustness of the end product; round shapes of the housing and the inside frame constructed from plate
  • The end product is easy to personalise due to rubber press technology; company names and/or logos can be applied alternately, without an extra step in the production process
  • Various colour options available; including powder coating to ‘customer requirement’


Gatso was founded in 1958 by former driver Maurice Gatsonides; sports enthusiast, racing champion and entrepreneur and was the grandfather of the current CTO at Sensys Gatso Group, Timo Gatsonides and current CEO of Sensys Gatso Netherlands, Niki Gatsonides. Maurice Gatsonides invented the first speed camera to measure his speed on the circuit and soon realised that this technology could also be used to improve road safety. He introduced the world’s first speedometer and the first speed camera, the Gatsometer, in 1964 and thus Gatso was born. Gatso has its office in Haarlem, the Netherlands.


About Sensys Gatso – Making traffic safer®

Sensys was founded in 1982 as a development company. The company expanded in 1987 when the Swedish police asked for technology that could meet high demands. Sensys won the tender process and has since supplied systems to the Swedish transport administration (formerly the Swedish national road administration). Sensys changed its strategy in 2001 by accelerating development and selling systems outside of Sweden.


Sensys acquired Gatso in 2015; the Sensys Gatso Group was born. Sensys Gatso Group is now the leading supplier of road safety solutions for the delivery of systems, software and services that are primarily intended for automatic traffic enforcement worldwide.