23 April 2021

Hartl is a company that is active in the concrete recycling market. They needed more distinctiveness with their stone crusher compared to regular products on the market. Therefore, a designer was brought in to give the product the desired high-end design look. Mission accomplished. Hartl received a red dot award for the “restyle” of their stone crusher. The next challenge: to produce covers that are robust enough for the environment in which they are used. It turned out that plastic is not sufficient for this.


Due to the practical application, we choose a sheet metal thickness of 3 mm. The shape gives the product sufficient stiffness to withstand rough handling. Due to the detailing in the product, it is necessary to press the products in two passes. This way, we get the small radii nicely into the cover.


Head start
The cover offers much-needed protection to the internal and more vulnerable part of the machine. A dent may still possibly happen, but cracks like with plastic are a thing of the past. The absolute advantage lies in the fact that we have produced a cover – in steel – that meets the exact look and feel that the designer had in mind. This is how Hartl can truly distinguish itself in an extremely competitive market!


About Hartl / Rokla gmbH
It all started in 2013 on the premises of a former car dealer in Langenburg. With effective and innovative hydraulic excavator attachments, Robert Piasecki and Klaus Volkert and their team quickly conquered the market. Technical innovations follow each other in quick succession, and so the product range expands to more than 21 machines. With the acquisition of the Hartl company, two more product groups are now added – stone crushers and screeners.