18 October 2019

Do you remember? From teaser to result! Phoenix 3D Metal on behalf of VIM Group and Geldmaat


The people of Geldmaat (end customer) were very curious about the technology behind the end product. By technology we of course mean the rubber pressing technique. With the following result; a beautifully shaped cover, produced within budget! Something that would not have been possible with deep drawing.


With VIM Group, we organised a ‘look behind the scenes’ of Phoenix 3D Metaal for Geldmaat. We welcomed our guests with petit fours, gave a short presentation and then visited the factory together. To make the company visit as interesting as possible for our guests, the product was ‘in process’ at the most important places (rubber presses, 3D laser cutting and welding).


Given the responses, we can report it was a successful day!