10 September 2018

We are Phoenix.

Since 1960 we have been turning metal plates into 3D objects. So we are no newbies. But we are innovative. Always looking for smarter ways to do it. This has resulted in a technology whose principle stands out by its simplicity: Rubber pad forming. The name says it all; we use a rubber cushion to form metal. A technique that we – the only company in the Netherlands using this technology – have perfected in recent years.

More and more engineers and designers are finding their way to rubber pad forming technology. For example, because they are looking for a way to achieve beautiful, smooth lines. Or because hygiene requires as few connections as possible. And last but not least, to save costs. Because rubber pad forming means a fraction of the tool costs, a big advantage for producing in small and medium-sized series. Yes, our customers come to us because of our unique technology. But they stay because of the cooperation. Our R&D staff share knowledge and support where necessary, our mechanics always go the extra mile. So together we achieve what it’s all about: The best possible result. There’s nothing new about that…