20 May 2019

Sometimes you make a choice that you change your mind about at a later date. This does not necessarily mean it was a wrong choice. It could simply provide you with new insights. You can take advantage of that. As a human being it makes you stronger, smarter and perhaps even more complete. The moral of ‘the story’? Piet de Laat (43), Foreman at Phoenix 3D Metaal explains.


“I thought I would go from Phoenix 3D Metal to being a Representative at another company. However, after a year I asked if I could come back.”


In 2007 Piet started working at Phoenix 3D Metal. “I then found the challenge I was looking for here; to work as a Foreman. During that time I learned a lot in the field of welding. After almost four years, I had the opportunity to work for a different company. I took that chance, but it turned out not to be my thing. In fact, it became clear to me that at Phoenix 3D Metal I simply felt at home. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come back immediately.”


It all worked out in the end. Piet was approached a while later by … Phoenix. “Relations remained positive. They were looking for someone with the necessary experience who was able to manage. They knew I wanted to return and I met the profile. So, a win-win situation.”


Is that a typical thing to happen at Phoenix? “It is a human company, where you will not be forgotten. Not even if you make a different choice, like me. It’s definitely not a charity though. Intrinsic motivation and the quality of the work naturally remain hugely important. Let’s just say we can’t live without each other.”


With his managerial capacities, Piet became Foreman within the Welding department of Phoenix 3D Metal. “I make sure that the welding department runs smoothly, that everyone is provided with work and I am responsible for the preparatory work that is focused on putting products together. In addition, I often work closely with our planning department and, if necessary, I assist in advising on the development of new products. I think giving that little bit of advice is great, it makes my work varied and challenging.”


“In order to achieve a good product, experience is essential. Specific welding techniques to prevent distortion, the welding sequence, welding indications, etc. etc. You don’t get that experience from a book, it comes with practice and from a passion for the profession.”


What is the welding department like? “We are indispensable and perhaps a little invisible. The latter in the good sense of the word. Our processing (welding) is often one of the last operations in the production process. Rubber pad forming and laser cutting of the relevant product happens much earlier in the process. But still, we dot the i’s in the welding department.”


The welding department within Phoenix 3D Metal is dynamic and consists of ‘makers’ who know what they are talking about, that much is clear. “There is always a challenge here, you are always triggered. Where others may think; this is not technically feasible, we take on the challenge in the Welding department.”


“Incidentally, it is not surprising that there is a lot of knowledge and expertise within Phoenix 3D Metal. Everyone is given the opportunity for training and continued development. This is reflected in practice. People grow, exude craftsmanship and always find a solution. And that solution? That’s the advantage for our customers.”