25 June 2021


We are e-Traction, part of one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We develop and produce electrically-driven wheel axles. For this, we are looking for a suitable wheel cover. The axles are fitted to newly built buses, but we also convert diesel buses to electric vehicles. We call this “retrofitting”.



In consultation with e-Traction, we have adapted the wheel cover design in such a way that we can manufacture the product with as few process steps as possible. The tooling costs are already low. This fits perfectly with the “small” numbers in this start-up phase. In order to prevent “unbalance” in the wheel cover while driving, the brackets at the back (for the mounting) have been positioned in a smart way.


Head start

The wheel cover is “tailor-made”. This was necessary in view of the innovative technology present in the electric wheel axles. In addition, the cover meets all functional requirements at an extremely competitive price. This applies to the start-up phase, but also when the numbers go up to medium series!