We understand like no other that costs are an important aspect in putting our customers ‘at the forefront’. The added value for Phoenix 3D Metaal relates to both the TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) and the process and material we use.

Cost savings thanks to the use of materials


By pressing grooves in the material, we are able to impart more rigidity to the product in a simple – but effective – manner. This means that we can sometimes scale down in material thickness. This often results in considerable cost savings.

Optimal material thickness

The core of the rubber pressing technique is the rubber mat we use to press the material into the mould. This makes it possible to ‘test‘ different material thicknesses in the same mould. This allows us to arrive at the perfect material thickness. Perfect means: a product that is as light as possible that does not tear or fold during pressing and still meets the customer’s requirements. For example, in the area of the desired rigidity. Check out our animation for more information about the mould and the rubber pressing technique.

Total Cost of Ownership

The rubber pressing technique allows us to press beautiful, round and flowing corners. If your end customer has a cleaning step in their process, it can make a huge difference in costs if this process step can be carried out faster. With round corners, this is almost always the case. This means a significant cost reduction for your customer.

Experience our added value!

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