The rubber pressing technique is particularly suitable for producing aesthetic products or creating a high-end appearance. However, even when it comes to products where functionality is the most important thing, rubber pressing technology is the technology to beat. One does not rule out the other. In fact, it’s usually a combination of both!

Functional thanks to the material

The choice of material is often determined by the final application / function of the product. Costs are also an important aspect in many cases. ‘Functional‘ means corrosion resistance and weight. Or formability and surface treatment.


Functional products are often not about aesthetics or design, but rather about form. Because the final form of a product can perfectly support or even strengthen the desired functionality. Increasing the rigidity and reducing the weight go well together when you press reinforcement grooves. In some cases, this can even cause a mounting bracket to become obsolete or lower. When it comes to function by form, think of large angles for better flow and cleanability of a product. At Phoenix 3D Metaal we review all facets, never losing sight of the desired functionality of the product.

Function thanks to technique

With our 3D Fibre laser, we cut holes in the desired position extremely accurately and quickly. Sometimes we provide the holes with press nuts or weld nuts. The application of studs is also possible. These ancillary processes/techniques are available in-house. Reducing the weight by removing material in the right place is also an option. An even more extreme example; we cut a pattern for creating an airflow. This makes the application of mesh at a later stage unnecessary. This means that no mesh has to be ordered, cut and welded into the product. Ultimately, this also results in a considerable cost reduction.

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