Rubber pressing results in a product that is easy to clean is almost a matter of course. This makes the technology extremely suitable for machines/products used in Food & Pharma, due to the high hygiene requirements.

Hygiene thanks to the material

The most commonly used material in Food & Pharma is stainless steel. The material is always purchased by us based on material certificates from reputable manufacturers. At Phoenix 3D Metaal, we do not make any concessions when it comes to purchasing the stainless steel we work with.
Due to the high pressure of our presses, we are able to process stainless steel in various qualities.
Any subsequent processing (such as pickling and passivation) will be carried out by our regular partners.

Hygiene thanks to rubber press technology

Sloping surfaces with large radii can be cleaned properly – both with high pressure and by hand. It is precisely these ‘shapes’ that are particularly suitable for producing by using the rubber pressing technique.

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