Machine Park & Techniques


In the Engineering Department, tools and processes are developed. In addition, they provide the simulation of press processes and support the PD&S Department and the Production Department with complex issues.

Laser Cutting 2D

In this department, we have a 4kW fibre laser with a fully automated sheets warehouse system and fully automated product extraction and stacking. The machine runs unmanned at night and on weekends.


The heart of our company. After all, rubber pressing is in our DNA. We have 2 rubber presses 3500 tons and 1 rubber press 8000 tons. Five people are employed in this department.

Laser Cutting 3D

In this department we have a 3D fibre laser of 3kW, with 2 independent stations for extra output.

Press Brake Department

This department has 5 CNC press brakes (80 to 320 tonnes and 1.27 m to 4.00 m) and 1 fully automated cell with a 6-axis robot and CNC press brake (125 tonnes). In addition, we perform various other operations in this department, including rolling, cutting, pressing and drilling.


Within our welding department we are active in the field of Mig/Mag and Tig welding. We have 1 welding robot on track with CMT welding source and 2 manipulators, 1 welding robot with CMT welding source and 2 manipulators, 2 spot welding machines and 2 stud welding machines. 10 people are employed in the welding department. Phoenix 3D Metaal is ISO3834 certified. This certification is specifically focused on welding.


In the Production Development & Support Department, processes designed by the Engineering Department are developed in practice. They also support the Production Department, create work instructions and prepare and implement investments.

Quality & Improvement

Because we want to make sure that our promise of advantage actually delivers an advantage, products in our quality department are fully checked. We use a Faro measuring arm. There is one person working in this department.


We have a storage warehouse of 2,000 m2, with a large diversity of metal sheet material. There are 2 people working within our logistics department.