BD Kiestra


We are working on a manufacturability study of/for panels. This is because our systems are undergoing a design restyle. The restyle will be implemented in phases over the next few years. We prefer to use sheet metal with a powder coating. One option for achieving the desired shape is to work with loose corner inserts. These are manufactured using the rubber press technique and then welded into the panels.

Our advice

By using the rubber pad forming press technique, it is possible to form the panel in the desired shape in one go, without making concessions to the design. If we make a minimal adjustment to the design of the corners, the product becomes mouldable in one process step.


No time-consuming (post) processing and therefore no extra costs for welding the corner inserts, because we rubber press the panel in its entirety. One process step has a positive effect on the cost price and at the same time, we keep the investment in the mould low. In combination with the high-end application and – in this case – low quantities, we can speak of a real advantage.