BHOBO Brush Weeder


As a brush manufacturer, Bhobo supplies brushes to remove weeds, among other things. You can also contact them for weeders. Bhobo was looking for a European supplier for the production of a functional cover for this machine. The design is an important starting point here. The production of series is medium in size.

Our advice

The original cover (originating from the US) is angular due to conventional edge processing. That is why quite a few follow-up machining operations are required: welding, spot welding, and grinding welds. Phoenix 3D Metaal will adjust the design to rounder shapes in consultation with you so that the current follow-up machining is no longer necessary. Due to the practical application, we recommend a reasonable sheet thickness for the production of the cover. Our 3D design will ensure sufficient strength and rigidity.


The cover meets all the wishes and requirements of Bhobo. It is robust and can take a beating. In addition, the design fits the weeding machine perfectly. And last but not least; eliminating the follow-up operations results in a competitive price!