Byar Bicycle


We are a new bicycle brand. We manufacture in the Netherlands and work together with young people who do not have easy access to the labour market. For our bicycle ‘design’, we are looking for an expert to help us develop and produce a protective cover for our drive shaft and LED rear light. A good balance between functionality, design and cost is essential.

Our advice

If we want to achieve true cost efficiency, we should ideally coordinate the designs of both products. This makes it possible to place both parts in one mould, and if possible also in one cavity.


A masterpiece of our Engineering Department. Together with the customer, we were able to translate our advice into technically feasible products within the set frameworks. The result: a robust protective hood, made of polished stainless steel. The hood fits seamlessly into the special frame. This gives the Byar Bicycle the exact desired design look, without losing sight of functionality and costs. A textbook example of the inseparable trinity within rubber pad pressing technology: design, functionality and costs.