Casing high-end microscope


We want a metal casing for our microscope. The design – developed by design agency Projekter – perfectly matches the high-end level of the microscope and the markets in which it is used. The sheet metal must be of exactly the same level and reflect what we at NanoFocus stand for.

Our advice

We chose brushed aluminium for the desired look. The clear anodising results in a nice even colour and there is less dirt on the product from, for example, fingerprints. The rubber pressing technique does not cause any damage during production and no further finishing is required. This is how we guarantee the desired high-end look and feel. Additionally, Phoenix 3D Metaal can take care of the complete process, including anodising and screen printing.


The casing features the desired high-end look and feel. A charisma – focused on quality and performance – that inspires confidence among NanoFocus’ customers. The entire product is made within Europe, providing the quality that can be expected. This too inspires confidence. The use of the rubber pressing technique allowed us to produce in a small series and NanoFocus does not need to divert to Asia.