LUME Traveler corners


We want an authentic look for a newly developed caravan. With this look, we want to make a nod to the past, without losing sight of the present. In a small series (low numbers), we want to produce beautiful ‘egg-shaped’ corners (both in the interior and the exterior). It is the combination of the authentic character and the high-end look that makes the caravan unique.

Our advice

We produce the corners from a single mould. In doing so, we go to great lengths to achieve a well-pressed aluminium product, which results in an aesthetically perfect ‘egg-shaped’ corner. We also cut holes for the rivets. This is necessary, on the one hand, for convenience during assembly, but also for an extra ‘touch’ to the authentic look that is desired.


Deep drawing at its best! In a small series as desired by the customer. A product where authenticity and a high-end look come together ultimately. The ‘egg-shaped’ corners connect seamlessly to the long corner pieces, which are also made by us.