Mokumono bicycles


Bob and Tom came to Phoenix 3D Metaal with a concrete and clear starting point: we believe in local production, because in this way we reduce (unnecessarily) polluted transport systems. Better for the environment, better for nature. At Mokumono, we have designed a (bicycle) frame out of sheet metal and now we are looking for a manufacturer who can advise and support us in making it. More concretely: can you convert “our design” into a technically feasible product that we can market well, at a price that is in line with the market?

Our advice

By applying the FMEA model, we improved the “critical” points in Mokumono’s design – from the point of view of our production process. Minimal adjustments and some small details result in a stable production process and a positive effect on the quality and final cost price. In addition, we work with local and small calibres during the second press run. This keeps tooling costs low.


An outstanding example of how the trinity of our rubber pad forming technique (design, functionality and cost) excels. Everything comes together in Mokumono Bicycles. No concessions in functionality, and all at a competitive price. It is quite a picture, even if we say so ourselves, but also many others (see the reviews online). The Netherlands has a new jewel in the world of cycling.