Bob and Tom came to Phoenix 3D Metaal with a specific and clear starting point: we believe in local production because it reduces (unnecessarily) polluted transport systems. Better for the environment, better for nature. At Mokumono, we designed a (bicycle) frame from sheet metal, and now we are looking for a producer who can advise and support us with the manufacturability. More specifically: can you convert “our design” into a technically feasible product that we can market well at a competitive price?

Our advice

By applying the FMEA model, we have improved the “critical” points of the Mokumono design – from the point of view of our production process. Minimal adjustments and some small details result in a stable production process and a positive effect on quality and eventual cost price. In addition, we work with local and small calibres during the second press run. This keeps tool costs low.


A great example of the excellence of the trinity within our rubber pressing technology (design, functionality and costs) because it all comes together in the Mokumono bicycle. No concessions whatsoever in functionality and everything at a competitive price. A beauty if we say so ourselves, and so do many others (see the reviews online). The Netherlands, as a supreme cycling nation, has gained a true gem!