Pars Pro Toto Bebat


As a full-service design agency, circularity is very important to us. This is why we are developing a collection point for the collection of lamps, batteries and small electro-appliances. The starting point for this is that the (unique) look of the collection bin (the collection point) must have a reinforcing effect on brand awareness. We are looking for a manufacturer who can manufacture a lid and door for the collection bin.

Our advice

Our starting point: to capture the desired unique look in one press form. This also means one mould, resulting in a direct cost advantage. We enhance the unique / distinctive look by using our 3D laser to adjust the cutting pattern (especially the insertion opening). In addition, we can also apply the necessary brackets and welding pins required for fastening.


A collection point wherein the design ensures practical use and the desired appearance and recognisability. In addition, the low tooling costs fit perfectly with the quantities to be produced. In the end, we produced a complete product, including clamps. This means that after powder coating, the product is immediately ready for installation!