Pharmafilter inner tank


We want to manufacture an inner container / inner shell, in which waste (within a hospital) is collected and then also processed (finely ground). The cleaning ability of the inner container is of the utmost importance. The waste is namely finely ground in the container, after which it is rinsed/cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner. Stainless steel must be used because of the agents used for cleaning.

Our advice

We use 304 stainless steel (standard stainless steel). At the bottom of the inner container, we ‘press’ several grooves to guide the wheels of the table. The waste to be processed is placed on the table. This tilts away so that the waste to be processed falls onto the grinder. The inner container has rounded corners to ensure the desired best possible cleaning results.


Due to the rounded corners in the inner container and the special shape in the roof, no residue is left behind during crushing, rinsing and cleaning. The rills at the bottom are normally edged or milled (as an additional process), but are now pressed in one process step. This is extremely cost-efficient.