As an additional question, from a coin box already produced by us, the same customer asked us to make a Bezel (frame) for a new slot machine to be developed. A modern and austere look are desired. A high end design (high degree of finish) is of great importance for the latest generation of gaming machines. In addition, the stability of the Bezel was an important point of attention. This was because of the angle between both screens in relation to the readability on the screens.

Our advice

By dividing the design into ‘flat’ parts, it is possible to apply all desired functionalities in one and the same distortion step. Without compromising the design! (See photo pressed plate) The loose parts that are created after 3D laser cutting are welded and spot-welded together again and provided with the necessary welding pins and nuts.


A functional end product with the high end look and feel, in accordance with the desired price. This Bezel is impossible to make with conventional techniques. The wish to combine the functional requirements and the luxurious high end appearance of the product with the production of a medium sized series, fits perfectly with the technique of rubber pressing.