Rock-Zone crusher


Rock-Zone is a company that is active in the concrete recycling market. With their stone crusher, there was a need for more distinctiveness compared to regular products in the market. That is why a designer was called in to give the product the desired high-end design appearance. Mission accomplished. Rock-Zone received a red dot award for the “restyle” of their stone crusher. The next challenge: to produce covers that are sufficiently robust for the environment in which they are used. It has been found that plastic does not suffice here.

Our advice

Because of the practical application, we opt for a plate thickness of 3 mm. The shape gives the product sufficient rigidity so that it is quite sturdy. Due to the detail in the product, it is necessary to press the products in two press runs. This enables us to integrate the radii in the cover.


The cover provides much-needed protection to the internal and more vulnerable part of the machine. Dents can happen, but cracks as was the case with plastic are a thing of the past. The absolute advantage lies in the fact that we produced a steel cover that matches the appearance, exactly as the designer had in mind. In this way, Rock-Zone can really distinguish itself in an extremely competitive market!